Saturday, September 23, 2017

SHIT HAPPENS card game review by Wmpyr

Shit Happens is a card game made by Goliath Games.

For 2 or more players, for 18 and up.

Let me immediately start by saying that I was surprised at how many cards you get in this game. It's loaded with a ton of cards! Each card is nice quality, and my favorite part is that they are actually illustrated! It's not just a black card with some text on it. 

As you can imagine from the title it's an adult game along the lines of other card games such as Cards Against Humanity and Superfight. 

Like those games, there is some extremely vulgar R rated material in here that will have you cringing and going oh man! oh man! like watching an episode of Walking Dead or Game of Thrones! 

Unlike those games, Shit Happens is much more structured. Why? Because things have already been settled for you. You just need to guess correctly like a sick version of Family Feud. It actually feels like a game and less like a discussion of opinions.

Believe me you will still talk about the wicked stuff you read in those wonderfully horrible cards! Be warned, you will all cringe! You will all grin and laugh evilly, and you'll cry along side those unfortunate players that have actually experienced some of those things! 

If you like this sort of game, I think it's the best of the bunch, and I highly recommend it!  

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