Saturday, September 23, 2017

ZOOM BALL HYDRO outdoor game review by Wmpyr

After watching a really sweet Youtube video of a grandfather and his grandson playing Zoom Ball, I was touched and really looking forward to trying it out for myself! 

I get it, grandpa was getting some exercise and the child was burning off some energy so he could give mom and dad some break time. It's two, no three birds with one stone!

What I didn't know was that this thing is called Zoom Ball for a reason, it launches at you so fast, the first couple of times I was instinctively dodging the ball like I was behind the wheel in a high speed chase! 

A normal game of catch, tossing the ball back and forth is not going to go well indoors, your bound to hit something. 

I actually played this thing indoors in front of the TV and in the hallway, and it worked just fine, my wife and I had a blast. It was so action packed, it's a skill you develop together as it zips back and forth, back and forth if you do it right, and it actually gives you some exercise. 

I've never experienced anything like it, it's like yo-yo meets, zip-line, meets a game of catch. 

I haven't tried the water balloons yet, in the mean time I'm thinking of putting in some tennis balls to give it some more weight. But so far we are having perfectly good fun just zipping it back and forth to each other! 

It's not that expensive, life is too short, experience something new and go have fun while getting some exercise, that's what this thing does for you!

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