Friday, January 26, 2018

Coco Cross game review ロンポス ココクロース

by Lonpos

I had never seen or heard of this game before.
I was skeptical before trying it, but Coco Cross is amazing, I can't get enough of it!

First of all, I like how it's compact and travel friendly.
It doesn't take a lot to set it up, so putting it away is quick and easy too, just the way I like it.
Throughout the day I find myself playing a quick game and then putting it away.
The convenience factor is great.

More importantly the game itself is really fun.
You're flipping your block from the start position to the finish position.
It's that simple but for each level there is a limited amount of movements you are allowed to make.
So it is a puzzle game that challenges the brain.
It's fun but it makes you smarter, that's a win-win situation right there!

You might think that once you figure out a level you're done, but that really isn't the case. 
I find myself playing the same levels I already beat over and over because quite frankly I forget how I did it.
So it actually has a lot of replay value.

Mine comes with a red block and a blue block.
Once you get use to the red block and then you move to the blue block, you will be surprised at how much things feel different and more difficult!

I've seen online a version that comes with 2 additional blocks, green and yellow. 
Needless to say that version looks awesome!

Flipping a block to move around the gridded board is a fun mechanism.
Each level is a puzzle that gets harder and harder as you progress.
The game is challenging and rewarding when you're able to figure things out.
Quite addicting!
Easily one of the best games I own period!
Let me just go ahead and say that it's the best game I own. 
Highest possible recommendation!
5 out of 5 stars!!!!!

My Youtube COCOCROSS video

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