Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ti Rod Tactical

I checked the mail to get a generous package from Joe at Ti Rod Tactical. 

Joe hand makes Yawara and Kubotan self-defense sticks made of Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium!
His website is:

He has many different types of Yawara sticks available, and he sent me 6 of them. 
Upon first impressions they look very professionally put together.

I look forward to studying them. I will be carrying them and training with them. 
Please look forward to my videos on the Ti Rod Tactical Yawara sticks coming soon!

I've always been fascinated by Yawara Sticks, Kubotan Sticks, Koppo Sticks, and Palm Sticks. 
They are an important part of my martial arts system.

Click here for the Joe from Ti-Rod Tactical interview

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