Friday, March 9, 2018


I have heard many people criticize martial arts knife training.

Their main argument is that in real life, if a person really wants to use a knife on you, they will hide the knife and sneak up on you. In other words they want to assassinate you. 

Yet most martial artists don't train in this scenario.
The training done in most martial arts does not involve assassination methods but instead dueling methods.

It's important to realize the difference between assassination and a duel.

To assassinate someone, you want to sneak up on them like a Ninja and take them out when they are least aware and most vulnerable.

A duel is when two people face off against each other and they are both aware of the situation. 

Most martial arts people train knife for dueling whether it's offense or defense. 

In modern times nobody duels anymore, so it's understandable why people criticize martial artists practicing knife duel methods.

There is one critical point though, the best way to survive an assassination attempt is to turn it into a duel.

Using your awareness, you must thwart the assassination attempt, once you do that, it will naturally become a duel. 

The first step is awareness. I have a system for awareness. I call it the RWEDT Alert System.  

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