Sunday, March 25, 2018


Choreography training consists of two or more martial arts practitioners following a fixed set of moves.

Martial arts choreography training is pretty similar to theatre or dance. The main difference is that martial arts choreography training is done for skill development rather than entertainment purposes. 

Choreography training is done in many traditional martial arts.

Because choreography training is prearranged, it is looked down upon by those who focus more on sparring.

The fact of the matter is, while choreography training may not be as realistic as full contact sparring, it's the next best thing.

The reason why many martial arts practitioners of the old chose choreography training over full contact sparring probably had to do with safety issues.

Medical technology was not as developed back in the day, and injury was not a risky people were willing to take in an already harsh life.

The quality of life has become better today, and some people are willing to sustain injury for the purpose of developing better abilities.

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