Saturday, May 19, 2018


Jukai Shonen Zoo1 by Man Gataro
Manga 1~9 Review by Wmpyr

If you like extreme comedy like the movie Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie then this manga is right up your alley. 
The super stylized "dirty looking" art reminds me of the great R Crumb. 
If you can dig the art style and the extreme comedy then congratulations you are a rare breed and this manga is for you!
You’ve been warned this manga has ample amounts of vulgarity, violence, gore, nudity, puking, and explosive diarrhea!

The illustrator is not only known for his gross comedy but also for using the same art over and over like a lazy person trying to cheat, that is his style (if you can call it that) so just laugh at it when you see his "technique" and enjoy it.
The story is about your typical loser kid named Juichi and a dog going on an adventure to save a hobo who has been kidnapped and brainwashed along with other hobos to make giant robots in a secret underground factory.

The story isn’t cookie cutter, and the author pretty much just does what he wants much like the comedic genius Andy Kauffman.
The story isn’t afraid to break rules and think way outside the box like Alejandro Jodorowski's Holy Mountain. 

There are many WTF moments in this manga and you just have to go with it knowing that you're reading something that is unlike any other, and that alone should put a smile to your face!  

I really totally absolutely enjoyed it and I will be reading it again and again!

I give it 10 stars out of 10! 

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