Tuesday, January 25, 2011


by Dave Morris

Golden Dragon Fantasy Game Books 1984
Berkley/Pacer edition 1986
$2.95 USA

A short and easy read, a relatively thin book that can fit in your coat pocket.
Basically a "Choose your adventure book" that also requires paper, pencil & two dice, but it's possible to read through without doing so.

You are a generic hero that embarks on an adventure to defeat the vampire Lord Tenebron.
The main aspect of this book is to explore a creepy mansion while finding and collecting the right items to make it through the book and to also defeat Lord Tenebron.
You will encounter a hell hound, an elf, giant spider, barbarian, witch and other things that go bump in the night. Personally I wish that there were more encounters with vampire-esque things. A note worthy creative scene is when you encounter an old man to play a game of Chess.

The game is a little hard because there are some blind choices you have to make, and it seems like the only way to get it right for certain is from your experience of having been through both choices.

All in all a fun read, wait until you finally get to encounter Lord Tenebron for the final battle. They did a good job for that scene simply by the way they put the illustrations into the book.
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