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WARNING! FUTURE SHANK is a gamebook for MATURE readers.
You make the choices that will take you to the next paragraph. The wrong choice can mean your death! So Choose wisely.

FUTURE SHANK is an action sci-fi story, you are a knife wielding martial arts expert, on a mission to rescue the daughter of a very rich CEO. She's been taken to an underground city ruled by many violent gangs.

FUTURE SHANK has over 10 different endings, some of them are really wild, so be sure to go back and experience them. Some of the things to look forward to: running around in a spooky fun house, arena fighting in a castle, bar fight, mad max style cars, one on one against a Bruce Lee impersonator, fighting space pirates, underwater base, and of course giant robots.



As a kid I grew up reading Gamebooks, I thought they were the greatest thing in the world. I wanted to do a tribute to that, but for adults. I never did a project like this before so it was very challenging. It took me about 8 weeks to complete. I really didn't know what kind of theme to do at first. I thought, Dungeons and Dragons type fantasy would be great, I also wanted it to be post apocalyptic future, I was also thinking about a gothic Transylvania type setting, but space sci-fi kept calling me back. And it was the choice I went with because I realized that I could do any of the other stuff in this one. Instead of mythical monsters I could have robotic monsters. I could replace magic with advanced technology. I knew I didn't want any aliens, cyborgs or mutants, no plagues or diseases, because I didn't want anything really gross in it. And I knew I wanted lots of martial arts, based off of real stuff, tons of weapons, tons of knife fights. I wanted to make it campy because ultimately it had to be entertaining. Some movies are very well made but not necessarily entertaining. Perhaps they make a statement that bothers you, makes you think. That's not what I wanted to do here. I was shooting for a low budget martial arts action flick type of story. Cheesy comedy, with interesting characters, essentially exploring an underground world.
I wanted it to be a choose your own adventure book, where you go from paragraph to paragraph rather than from page to page. Simply because I thought that would be easier for me to write. And each paragraph I tried to put in at least one of three things, comedy, an homage, or factual information. As much as I could, I tried to make each character even the side ones something special as opposed to bland-generic. In many of these choose your adventure books, the main character is bland, a generic character because its you, but I didn't want to do that here, the main character in essence is a ninja + vampire, and that resulted in this dark combat monk idea. There is a total of 3 women that he meets that will help, Tiffany, Crimsonia, Isabella, and they reflect the 3 brides of Dracula. Parker is your princess in distress and the equivalent of Mina to Dracula. Captain Orion is your nemesis, and I imagined Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. A good villain is super important, the Dragon Lord walks around in his armor like Darth Vader, and that already works. His real name is Ardred which I made from combining two major villains from classical literature, Prof. Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes novels and Mordred from King Arthur. But in addition to that, I thought, why not have one that morphs. Morphing will make him extra unique and memorable. The morphing comes from the Japanese Godzilla films. At first he's just normal Dragon Lord, then he is Mecha Dragon Lord like, Mecha Gojira. And then a 3 headed version like King Gidorah and of course the centaur version comes from Godzilla Final Wars, Kaizer Gidorah which was Monster X morphed. After having the main character and main villain set, location was really important to me. I loved the underground network of tunnels idea in Ring of Fire 2. So I took that and made it a 100x bigger place. I wanted a castle in the story for sure. Then a haunted fun house came to mind. The whole water stuff didn't come until almost half the book was completed, but I love the water, ocean, marine biology, so it was nice for me to include that. You start the book by entering Skyless, and then after traveling in a maze like tunnel, the middle was the food court or getting to the castle, now the ending of the book to me was also important, I imagined a climactic battle with swords on a cathedral but that just didn't go well with the story, plus there were already so many weapon fights throughout the story that one more wasn't all that special. In many of the kids TV shows in Japan, I remember in the end, they always fought in giant robots. I thought, what a great ending that would be. So thats why I did that.

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