Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Imaginext Fisher-Price adult toy collector reviews

Fisher-Price Imaginext
toy reviews by Wmpyr

IMAGINEXT TOY REVIEWS by an adult toy collector. Every Youtube video I've seen that was suppose to be an Imaginext toy review was terribly unsatisfying, I hope to change that, and share with you the world of Imaginext through my eyes.

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Imaginext is the most underrated toy line available in the market today. Marketed towards children from the age of 3 to 8, some adult toy collectors are now just starting to take notice after Imaginext started to make DC superhero characters. There is much more to it than just that though, some of the Imaginext toys are nicely detailed like their skeleton figures which could satisfy adult toy collectors. Just about any adult toy collector would recognize that the Ion Crab and Alpha Blade are direct homages to He-man Masters of the Universe vehicles. Hopefully Imaginext will produce more toys like this that can satisfy adult toy collectors and they can market towards kids and adults which would only be a win win situation for them.

Since they are already making DC comic book licensed toys I wish they would make toys based from the Kenner Swamp Thing line, complete with the Un-Men who had mutant finger puppet looking masks. Another line I wish they would make is The Lost World of The Warlord from DC comics made into a toy line by Remco back in the day. I bet many He-man MOTU fans would jump the fence and get into the Imaginext bandwagon if they made Warlord toys complete with the Remco Warrior Beasts toy line that featured dinosaur headed warriors riding dinosaurs.

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