Monday, May 2, 2011


There are so many people that think MMA is the best style.
And there are also many people that think MMA is a sport therefore it isn't effective on the street.

These two are very popular and common beliefs and both are totally wrong.
Both views discriminate towards other martial art styles.
Discriminating is prejudice, how can this be right or a good perspective?

First I think MMA needs to be defined correctly.
MMA is not a style, it is a specific type of sport, that allows fighters to compete against other fighters in a one on one sanctioned bout where fighters can fight standing, in the clinch, and on the ground.

People often mistake MMA as mixing of styles. It's not about an individual who trains in multiple styles. It originally started as an individual who fought against other styles.
Before this kind of event, fighters faced people from their own style.
As a fighter faced other fighters from various disciplines, the fighter would evolve and transcend his original style, and thus it became about the individual and not the style.

Since MMA is a specific sport it favors certain styles. Or more specifically, you have to train a certain way.
If you don't train in those styles or in something similar the amount of evolving you have to do becomes that much more difficult.

How many styles you cross train in is not as important as what style you train in.
And what style you train in is not as important as how well you can adapt and evolve to the sport of MMA.