Friday, September 25, 2015

Lessons from the UFC

First few events many martial artists entered to test themselves. And by UFC 5 we discovered that the tough guys were better fighters than the martial artists. By UFC 7 people understood the value of crosstraining, and so the athletes became dominant.
regular person < martial artist < tough guy < pro athlete
The lesson here is to train martial arts, then become tough, and finally become an athlete.

In the early UFC when a stand up striker was clinched by a grappler, they would try to strike as they were being taken down. Then we saw fighters evolve, a grappler learned striking, and a striker learned grappling (example Maurice Smith in UFC 14, and Rand Couture UFC 15). The next evolution was when we saw fighters being able to mix in striking and grappling so well that they were fighting striking or grappling enforcing their will rather than, just merely adapting. For example when Chuck Liddell ended up on the ground, not only could he survive there if he wanted to, but instead he would get back up on his feet and force it to a stand up fight which is what he wanted. And Wanderlei Silva in PRIDE FC would strike as he went into a take down so that he could be on top rather than have someone like Ricardo Arona get the takedown and end up on top of him, which show cased a high level of strategic mixing of striking and grappling.
So if I break it down we have:
1. Applying your methods to a different style (without learning other styles) 2. Crosstrain and learn other styles, use it when you can (reaction) 3. Mix in other styles into your strategy (actively use it)

Even though this is only 3 steps, it's a lot of work, it can take decades. Even if you can apply it to someone at your level, trying to do it to someone a few levels above you is a whole different story.

When someone closes the distance on you, most martial artists erroneously think that all you have to do is switch to close range techniques but they are wrong. You have to understand that if someone closes the distance on you, that means you screwed up, you are at least one step behind now. You have to protect yourself. Once you neutralize the threat then you can work towards attacking. An exceptional fighter has the ability to counter strike and readjust their body position simultaneously so that they are in the new range as if they were the ones that closed the distance.

1. When you spot potential danger, look at their hands. 2. If you have to get near them, then pump yourself up and be ready for a fight that may or may not happen. 3. Control the distance. 4. Try to verbally diffuse the situation, fighting is illegal. 5. Once the fight begins, don't look at their eyes they might be able to psyche you out, plus the eyes can be deceptive. Instead look at their collar bones. 6. If they close the distance on you, then you need to protect and survive at all costs until you get into a better position.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Wmpyr Journals

Wmpyr Journal Entries
by Wmpyr
Copyright 9-11-2015

5-16-2016 Eskrima Realistic Training
The 3 most important ingredients to making your Eskrima partner training more realistic is as follows: 1) Break free from patterns. 2) Add forward pressure. 3) Incrementally add power.

5-14-2016 Military Combatives
In the summer of 94, immediately after I graduated high school, I was in summer school for a big Texas University. When I had some time, I frequently went to the library, and I remember finding a golden needle in the haystack. It was a handbook for soldiers either for WWI or WWII. I remember it having a lot of bayonet fighting moves in it. It also had two hand to hand combat techniques that I was really impressed by. The Chin Jab and the Shin Stomp. The Chin Jab was an uppercut to the chin immediately followed by eye gouging to take them down. The Shin Stomp was a side kick to the knee and then immediately into a shin scrape with the side of your boot into a stomp to their foot. I still think these moves are great and they have been in my arsenal ever since I first read about them!

5-13-2016 Ancient Weapons
Back in the day most of my martial arts weapons training has consisted with the Escrima sticks, and knife. I also dabbled in the Jo, Bo, sword, and Nunchaku. After more than a decade I've been able to add more weapons such as the machete, Tomahawk, Balisong, Karambit, and Yawara stick. There is still so much more out there that I can go learn, and even more that I will never be able to play with, because there is just too much out there! If you've never done any ancient weapons training, I strongly recommend it, it's fascinating and so much fun, plus it's a little bit of exercise!

5-4-2016 Real World Everyday Training part 2
RWEDT is totally different from Tony Blauer's SPEAR System. The SPEAR System is based on flinch response to an ambush attack. I think the SPEAR System is very beneficial. I also do feel that just about any martial arts style has it's own method of flinch response, even if they don't teach it that way. In my own experience I noticed that sometimes my flinch response was successful and other times it was not. To solve this problem I created the RWEDT which is not a flinch response but an active cognitive method, where you are ready to do what your thinking about. I found this to be a 100% success rate.

5-3-2016 Real World Everyday Training part 1
RWEDT is based off the idea that nobody starts off good in martial arts. In order to get good, you have to put in the time. And if the only time you put in is at the dojo or gym, it's not enough. RWEDT makes it a part of your life style. And we all know from weight loss programs that those who are successful are the ones that made it a part of their life style

5-1-2016 Trapping
I've seen one of the best in the world with Trapping techniques spar and not able to do traps in real time. Even if they are dominating and have managed to grab a hold of the opponent's wrists, they still couldn't do it. Your arm and their arm needs to be pressed up against each other with enough opposing energy that things become slower, then you can trap, to trap without any kind of pressure to slow things down is too hard, even for one of the best in the world.

4-25-2016 Heelys
It's been a few years since I took out my adult sized Heelys and went for a quick skate on the streets. I just moved to a new apartment and I've been wanting to try out their parking lot. I was worried that I was going to have to relearn everything, but it was like riding a bike, I remembered how to Heely! It's so cool because once you begin to Heely, you start to view the ground differently, you look for all the smooth high grounds, and areas you can roll down and curve.

4-22-2016 Bas Rutten O2 Trainer
Another workout done and bagged! And once again no sign of asthma since I've been using the O2 Trainer on a regular basis! I wish doctors all over the world recommend this to asthma patients. I'm one of the worst when it comes to asthma and if it works on me, then anyone can do it! Thank you to MMA Legend Bas Rutten!

2-14-2016 Nunchaku iPhone Case
You never know what your going to find on Youtube, and yep, I found a Nunchaku iPhone case. Maybe it's more like a butterfly knife/balisong. It looks like a ton of fun, and it's not that expensive on ebay. For someone like me though, maybe I would just prefer practicing with a real Balisong or Nunchaku.

2-15-2016 Footwork
The most basic footwork I teach is the circular footwork which is from Boxing and Kickboxing. I also teach two types of traditional footwork one from Eskrima and the other from Karate. Those three types of footwork is my main core where I spend most of my time, but I sprinkle it with some tricks from various other systems such as JKD, fencing, and Capoeira.

2-10-2016 MOTU 200X Mutant Slime Pit
I wanted a play set to go with my Realm of the Underworld figures, so I looked at everything, and I found this to be the most affordable He-man compatible play set that you can get brand new. It's actually fairly large so it makes a good back drop piece. Figures can be posed on it and besides it. You can put a tub of slime at the bottom of the volcano, or you can pour the slime down the Snake's mouth. Either way the slime pouring/dipping doesn't work all that great, and neither does the trap door gimmick, but it's not so bad that it ruins it, plus it's still cool that it's a slime toy! The bonus skeleton monster has a lot of detail, and thankfully has a lock so he doesn't explode from a simple tap. I think many action figures would be compatible to this play set. Overall I do feel that it's an improvement over the original vintage MOTU Slime Pit which was basically just a crotch grabbing shower stall, this is a throne/slime volcano!

2-2-2016 American Horror Story Season 4
I tried to watch season 1, and it didn't hold my interest, decided to give it another shot, but this time began from season 4, because I heard good things about it. I found it to be very creepy and disturbing, but I couldn't take my eyes off it. I felt like I was being invited every week to the sideshow performer's family and in a weird way you get attached. This show doesn't have replay value for me, but I think it was extremely well done in every aspect.

12-22-2015 Akebono VS Don Frye
Just saw this MMA fight, and I not only enjoyed it, but more importantly I learned from it. I'm sure there were plenty of people who said bad things about it, and it disgusts me, these people have no idea what they are talking about, and are way over stepping their boundaries saying negative stuff. Anyways it made me think that in a street fight, Akebono would push Don Frye to the wall, and if that wall was made of concrete, Akebono could repeatedly smash Don Frye's head and body against it and I would think win the fight in half the time it took for Frye to defeat Akebono. I was really impressed with how Don Frye stood his ground and threw punches at Akebono especially in the first round at the start of the fight. I think most people would be totally intimidated and simply could not stand their ground.

12-20-2015 Terminator 4
The critics and the public seemed to hate this film, but I thought it was good, it definitely had some flaws, but overall I enjoyed it. I think the trailer for this film was really bad and probably swayed many people from viewing it. The main problem with this film for me was the casting. I felt that there was a lot of mis-casting going on.

12-19-2015 The Riddle of Steel
I have stated that there is something very primal about swinging a stick with bad intentions. I got to tell you that's it's quite satisfying to pick up some heavy sticks and practice the forms while watching the original Conan The Barbarian film. There are so many great parts in this film, one of them is when his dad is telling him, you can't trust, not men, women, or beast, but this (pointing to his sword), this you can trust.

12-16-2015 Realm of the Underworld
Back in the 80s when He-man and the Masters of the Universe toy line was unbelievably popular, we soon saw many knock offs hit the shelves. I remember one such line called Pirates of the Galaxseas which I bought 2 figures at K-mart. Anyways Realm of the Underworld plays homage to the KOs more so than He-man. And refreshingly it is NOT a modern re-imagination of these toys from the 80s, but actually it's like a brand new line straight from the 80s! It fits right in. I feel like I have a time machine in my hands! If this wasn't good enough, there are some improvements such as quality and the ability to interchange the head, arms, and legs.

12-14-2015 MOTU
I imagined He-man and the Masters of the Universe world to be very different from the cartoons. At this age I was already familiar with Conan the Barbarian from the film and the comics. To me He-man was Conan, and that world was violent and serious as can be. There was no Orco, Prince Adam, or King Randor, in my world. Battle Cat without the armor was still Battle Cat, not cowardly Cringer. And most importantly Skeletor's minions were not buffoons, each one was formidable and gave He-man a run for his money, if they ganged up on He-man, the only way he could survive was to have his pals help him out.

12-13-2015 Nullifier
Golobulus, Nemesis Enforcer, and Goro aside, out of the regular vintage 3" 3/4 GI Joe figures one of my all time favorites is surprisingly Nullifier! Nulli-who? He is the pilot for the Anti Gravity Pod. I recall the jet craft being very unimpressive mainly because the plastic seemed real cheap. I got it because it wasn't that expensive at the time. The pilot was a gem though, no weapons, no backpack, just a removable visor shield, but he looked out of this world, literally!

11-30-2015 Golobulus
One of my favorite GI Joe action figure of all time is Golobulus. I really like how Golobulus had something over his other eye, his one green arm with these large veins, and of course his serpentine lower body. The action figure comes with a semi organic looking gun that reminded me of the gun from the film Existenz. Golobulus came in a 3 pack with 2 other figures, the Royal Guard and Nemesis Enforcer who for some reason had 2 back packs. We all knew that Nemesis Enforcer wore the wing back pack, but was the tentacle back pack for a victim, or was it for Nemesis Enforcer for an alternate version, or was it for Golobulus?

11-14-2015 Survival Tin Can
A couple of years back I won a Youtube contest and got myself a survival tin can from Sir Joben, his eBay store is Lazy Lizard Gear. The tin can is the size of your typical Altoids tin can. Since then I have been making my own. One for my bug-out-bag, another for the car, another for home emergencies. I like how it's super compact, it's better than nothing, and it gives a little peace of mind.

11-12-2015 BK Universal Studio Monsters set
In 1997 Burger King had an amazing kid's toy. Universal Studio Monsters set. The set had Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, Wolfman, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Each action figure came with a glow in the dark sticker, and instructions. Some of them came with a tiny play set. Most of them have 5 points of articulation and are compatible to the 3 3/4" figure size.

11-10-2015 Fallout New Vegas
Fallout 4 ships out today, but I've been playing Fallout New Vegas on my PS3, and absolutely enjoying it like crazy. Not too long ago I finished the Honest Hearts add on, and just now finished Big Mountain which was excellent! The story of being transported to a strange scientists zone and having my brain, heart, and spine removed was such a weird and fun story!

11-9-2015 True Fight
I've been trying to get my health back after a very nasty stomach virus. At one point I thought I was going to die. I've been taking it meal by meal, day by day, slowly trying to get back the weight I lost, and trying to heal. When it's life and death, all the things we stress out about disappears, and when you get to come back, you appreciate the smaller things. I like appreciating the smaller things.

11-8-2015 Human Centipede 3
Many people consider Sharknado as THE "so bad it's good film", but I can't seem to agree with the public. I tried to watch it, and like it but just couldn't. I enjoy the Human Centipede series, the first one was surprisingly well done, good acting, good filming, despite the title, quite serious. The second one took a turn into a David Lynch wet dream times 100. It's vile and it's suppose to be. The 3rd felt more campy, and while the centipede was longer, everything else felt more watered down. And if you like the main actor then it would be a low budget treat, but the acting style he did in this one which was scream and yell ALL THE TIME, got annoying for me.

11-4-2015 Troma films
I've made it no secret that I'm a fan of Full Moon films, but I'm also a fan of Troma films. I really like Toxic Avenger 4: Citizen Toxie, Poultrygeist, Tromeo & Juliet, and the Class of Nukem High series. I enjoy their non mainstream Hollywood approach to film.

10-29-2015 Snaggletooth
I purchased the Mantis Knives Snaggletooth for a tad more than $23 free shipping new! It use to run for about $140. What a great buy on a super knife! This knife was designed based on a concept, so if you don't know and agree with the concept, I don't recommend it. If your a fan of Bram Frank style knives then this is the best deal in the market that I know of.

10-27-2015 EDC
Most of the time I walk around with my wallet, iPhone, keys, and knife. I'm a minimalist so I don't like that, I feel like it's too much. The wallet and iPhone should be combined. I want to combine the keys and knife too, but I haven't been able to find a good set up. Currently my keys have a plastic survival tool on there.

10-26-2015 Wizards
For the 1st time I finally got to see the Ralph Bakshi film Wizards. Been wanting to see this for a long time. I did enjoy it, not sure if I would consider this my favorite of his films but it certainly has it's charms.

10-25-2015 Reality Based Blade
The Jim Wagner RBB by Boker is a very popular tactical folding knife that also seems to be heavily criticized. It has a ton of features, with a unique blade. However, at the end of the day it's a solid lock back knife with a great handle.

10-24-2015 P001 Bodyguard Knife
The P001 Bodyguard Knife was designed by martial arts expert and professional bodyguard Jeff Thenier. This is an extremely interesting knife because it has three locking positions, closed, pistol, and standard. The idea is that a pistol shaped knife would be more familiar for those who have a firearm as their primary weapon.

10-23-2015 LLC Knife
The Lapu Lapu Corto Knife was designed by Arnis expert Bram Frank, and made by a German company called Cherusker Messer. It's an amazing knife that I feel goes extremely well with the Filipino martial arts. The idea of a folding knife specifically designed to be used in the closed position to me is brilliant and goes well with my style of combat.

10-22-2015 Lost in Space Youtube
Thank goodness for Youtube! I've been watching Lost in Space episodes and really having a blast. I was worried that the kid was going to be super annoying, but actually he is not, he's very responsible and intelligent, I really like his sister but she's more of just a tag along, and the robot is surprisingly very human and not dry or boring. Dr. Smith steals the show what can I say!

10-21-2015 OMFG October Toys
Recently got my Outlandish Mini Figure Guys series 4 & 3. I like how they are an homage to M.U.S.C.L.E. Kinkeshi. The details are amazing and each series consists of many diverse characters that your going to find at least one that will really impress you. For series 4 I like Tree Witched and Fossil Freak, for series 3, gotta go with Barbarianaut, Dr. Decay is cool, but I really like Fruit Punch for some reason.

10-20-2015 Dinosaur Island
Late night I began watching this while playing with Lego. I didn't think I was going to like it, but I have to admit that I actually enjoyed it. It reminded me a tiny bit of The People That Time Forgot, which is a film I really like. I've been watching some strange hollow earth videos on Youtube and maybe that's what got me in the mood.

10-19-2015 Star Wars Kenner
With the new film coming out this year, the new SW toys are out. I like the old vintage figures just because that is what I had as a kid, but I also really like Power of the Force, Power of the Jedi, and Shadows of the Empire lines, they get a lot of heat, because some fans say that some of the figures look too muscular.

10-18-2015 Ree Yees
I remember finding Ree Yees in a sandbox in Japan. I couldn't believe it, the vintage Star Wars Kenner figure. It was not a figure that I would ever have bought, I don't even remember which Star Wars film he was in. However this figure has grown on me, now one of my favorite SW action figures. To me he's the coolest looking alien of them all, Bossk and Hammerhead are my next choices.

10-17-2015 Halloween Dracula
One October day I remember walking into K-mart and they had the Remco Dracula figure right by the entrance. I immediately wanted it, but instead I got the larger size Dracula action figure probably because it reminded me of the Mego action figures that I had back in the day. As much as I liked this Dracula, like the character he was all alone. If I got the Remco Dracula he could have fit in with my Star Wars and GI Joe figures, for some reason I thought that the Dracula character could not fit in with my other toys.

10-16-2015 GI Joe Figures
My mom bought me two GI Joe figures Spirit the tracker, and Dee Jay. My Dad bought me Zartan which was my favorite figure for a long time. I remember asking my parents for Stormshadow, but they couldn't find him and instead got me Firefly. I was a brat and super upset, to this day I don't care for Firefly. My Grandma got me Shipwreck and Snake Eyes that came with his wolf named Timber.

10-15-2015 Atmosfear
Atmosfear is one of my all time favorite board game. The game mechanic isn't all that great, but it does have many features making it quite interesting. A video is used like a game master and to set the mood, you move around a board that can be configured differently each time you play, and you collect keystones that make your monster character more powerful so that you can have advantages over the other players.

10-14-2015 Lost in Space
Lost in Space was a TV show I enjoyed watching as a kid. It was like Little House on the Prairie but more exciting because of the science fiction. I liked that it reminded me of the Robinson Crusoe story even though it was more Swiss Family Robinson. This must be why I am interested in survival tools and bug out bags today.

10-13-2015 Magic Slate
I saw a monster wallet set online (Dracula, Franky, Mummy, Wolfman, Creature, and Phantom). It said magic slate included, so I looked it up and nostalgia instantly hit me. It's basically a kid's doodle pad with a clear sheet on top. Use the stylus and when your done, just pull the clear sheet up and it becomes blank so you can repeat over and over, how neat!

10-12-2015 Full Moon Entertainment
Halloween is slowly creeping up, that can only mean one thing, that it's time for me to bring out my Full Moon DVD collection. Last year for some reason my grocery store carried many Full Moon DVDs, so I was able to acquire a mini collection. Combine that with multi-pack DVDs and I ended up with around 40 Full Moon films!

10-11-2015 The Munsters
When I was a kid I watched The Munsters. It was one of my favorite TV shows. The Addams Family just didn't have the same kind of appeal for me. I'm still waiting for The Munsters to come out with a film that is on par with the Addams Family films which I thought were well made and enjoyable.

10-10-2015 Danguard Ace
My favorite super robot is Planetary Robot Danguard Ace. I don't care for the anime's story, but the robot has an excellent design. To me Danguard looks like a gladiator! I like the way he transforms into the Satelizer spaceship, and I also really like how his shin guards are put together to make a bladed pugil stick type weapon.

10-9-2015 Dracula
My favorite monster has always been Dracula. I grew up watching the 1979 Frank Langella Dracula over and over. The 1992 Gary Oldman Dracula was superb! Lately I've been a little tired of the suave debonair vampire, and I've come to appreciate the Nosferatu look. I'm surprised nobody has combined Dracula and Nosferatu in a single film since the story is the same.

10-8-2015 Monty Python and the Holy Grail
It's been a while since I've seen this again. I think I might have to put this in my top 20 favorite films list! So many memorable scenes, the black knight, the witch trial, the holy hand grenade, the black beast, the Trojan rabbit, it just goes on and on, like a bunch of Monty skits put together forming a movie!

10-7-2015 Monster from the Sewer
When I went for my night run, as I was passing by a sewer drain on the ground, I heard a loud strange noise from it. I instantly jumped back into a fighting stance, and made ample distance as I felt the surge of adrenaline flow through my body. I thought of the famous scene from the Stephen King novel "It". For the heck of it, I began to shadowbox keeping my eye towards the drain and then continued to run.

10-6-2015 Fasting
I've been fasting every morning for quite sometime now. It sounds extreme, but I drink plenty of fluids such as wheatgrass and vegetable juices. I also do the "drink your vegetables and eat your fruits" routine. Vegetable juices in the morning helps me go number 2. I feel that there are plenty of other benefits to fasting too.

10-5-2015 Yellowbeard
This was one of the films I use to watch over and over on video tape. Quite underrated since it's not heard about often, but the production is incredible because it has the Monty Python crew, the Mel Brooks crew, and Cheech & Chong! Even though it's a comedy I put it up there in my top favorite pirate films list.

10-4-2015 Death's Head II
My favorite Marvel Comics superhero is Death's Head II AKA Minion. In a nutshell he's like Predator meets Terminator! Minion is a cyborg with a skull face, red dreadlocks, and a Terminator liquid metal type right arm. He assimilates people's personalities so he can tap into different minds.

10-3-2015 Ralph Snart
During high school, I went to Amherst college for SAT prep. I went to the local comic book store with my friend, a competitive wrestler who looked like the Night Slasher in the film Cobra. Anyways he surprisingly bought a Milk & Cheese comic book. I got Ralph Snart Adventures Vol. 5 which I never heard of before and for some reason I got it and it was great! The drawing style reminds me of Rat Fink which is really neat.

10-2-2015 Heelys
I use to live right next door to an office building that had a 3 level parking garage. One day I bought me some Heelys and began to practice there. My friend from college had warned me that even though the kids make it look easy, it takes practice. So I went to a spot that had guardrails for me to hold onto and practiced. I miss skating around in my Heelys!

10-1-2015 Bug Out Bag
While it's cool to have a fire starter, compass, water filter, insect repellent, and such in a bug out bag, I really think a pair of gloves is highly underrated and often times absent. Another one tool that's underrated are binoculars. They can save you a whole lot of walking.

9-30-2015 Bas Rutten
I saw a Bas Rutten interview video today. He is an exciting fighter to watch, but what impressed me was when he said back in the day when he was struggling and working his butt off, he couldn't fill up the car with gas all the way because he didn't have the money. Today he can afford that, so he tells himself everyday that his life is good, to appreciate little things like that.

9-29-2015 Gashapon
In Japan capsule toys from the vending machines are called gashapon. They are made by Bandai so the quality is quite good. The first I ever saw was the Ultraman keshi line, then Kinnikuman keshi, but the one I got into back in the day was the SD Gundam keshi. Recently I bought a toy capsule vending machine to display my capsule toys.

9-28-2015 Kinnikuman Tag Team Match
When I was a kid in the 80s I wanted a Famicom just like any kid in Japan. I was late to the bandwagon as I usually am with this kind of thing. The game I wanted the most was Kinnikuman Tag Team Match because I was a fan of the manga and anime. I pretty much bought the Famicom for that game. In high school I got the Super NES pretty much for Street Fighter II Turbo.

9-27-2015 Captain Crunch
When I was a kid my favorite cereal was the peanut butter flavor Captain Crunch. I actually liked the taste, but also it was really all about the bonus toy inside. The most memorable cereal premium I got from a Captain Crunch cereal was a flat put together glow in the dark pirate skeleton. I thought it was so cool. Today I see a never assembled one on eBay for 20 bucks plus 2.49 shipping.

9-26-2015 Manga
The first manga I ever read was Astro Boy, either someone left it in my room or it was a gift, and I thought wow this is great! I was like age 5. When I went to visit my grandparents in Japan, I bought my first manga as my mom watched over me. It was Meitantei Kageman. We then moved to Japan and I remember going to the book store with my dad. There was so many to choose from, I didn't know what to get, I went with Kinnikuman #20. Soon enough I had a massive collection.

9-25-2015 Return to Oz
My grandma took my sister to go see Return to Oz when she was a kid and she hated it saying it was terrifying. I was always curious, and just last year I finally got to see it. Really enjoyed it. I saw it recently and still think it's great! I have to rewatch The Wizard of Oz and The Wiz again to see which one I like the best of the three.

9-24-2015 Alien 3
Many people seem to dislike Alien 3 but it's actually my favorite film from the Alien series. I realize it lacks the quality of the first two films. I appreciate it as an underdog, and the making of featurette I saw on HBO won me over. I enjoyed 4, but I still like 3 better.

9-23-2015 WCW
In the early 90s After school I'd come home and looked forward to watching WCW immediately after my sister watched Saved by the Bell. I always enjoyed watching The Great Muta Vs Sting, Samoan SWAT Team Vs The Midnight Express, Steiner Brothers Vs Doom, and countless other matches. I also watched WWF but I preferred WCW because the wrestling was more technical, and the show seemed less kiddie.

9-22-2015 Sherlock Holmes
I remember watching Sherlock Holmes TV shows late at night with my dad. I was in grade school at the time, the stories were too complicated for me. However I really enjoyed the mood and acting. My mom told me to read something other than manga, so I picked up 2 books which I treasure to this day. Lupin Vs Holmes, and Go West. Both are an excellent read! As a small basic way to practice deduction, I play a Sudoku app about once a week.

9-21-2015 Push Ups
Just recently my friend rejoined the army reserves. According to his age group he needs to do a minimum of 49 push ups within 2 minutes. At 40, I'm 4 years older than him, but I figured that I should be able to do that even though I don't do regular push ups. I barely pulled 50 in 2 minutes. It was pretty difficult and I'm not happy with my performance so I will try to improve in this area.

9-20-2015 Cyclonus
I really wanted to get the Combiner Wars Cyclonus today but I decided not to. I never cared for Cyclonus, but this version is special because it also becomes Galvatronus. Galvatronus is a character that was made up for this line. He is a gestalt Transformer that can mind control Decepticon or Autobots to make them into his limbs. What a neat idea, even if it's really just a lazy way to not make specific limb parts for him.

9-19-2015 Mad Max
This summer I got to see the new Mad Max film Fury Road in the theater. Right before watching that one, I made sure to re-watch all the previous films. I use to think that "The Road Warrior" was by far my favorite, but to my surprise my opinion has changed. I actually like "Beyond Thunderdome" the best. A big part of the reason has to do with Thunderdome being not so intense as the other films. There was a time when I liked really intense films, but now at 40 years of age, hardcore and shocking, is just not appealing to me anymore.

9-18-2015 Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage
I expected this film to be very bad, but it won me over. The filming was quite poor, due to camera quality. However the special effects took me back to the days when I use repeatedly watch the 1981 film "Clash of the Titans" and "Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger". I put this in the category of the poorly made Sci-fi channel movies, but this is among the best of those. I got the feeling that the director is a genuine fan of those kind of films.

9-17-2015 Puzzle And Dragons
Puzzle and Dragons is the game I play the most on my iPhone. I really wanted to like Puzzle Quest, but P&D is much easier to play, I don't have to play a super hard dungeon if I don't want to. Collecting and evolving monsters is also very addicting. I really like the Holy Night Santa Claus, Hera, but my favorite monster is the 5 Mechdragon Combo, Demon Hadar.

9-16-2015 Classic Americana
When we moved to Japan in the 80s, I remember one night The Wizard of Oz was on TV. My parents, my sister, and I sat down to watch it in front of a tiny TV inside a tiny apartment in Tokyo. We were in the living room, I brought out my blankets and pillow, and it was such an amazing movie. This was exactly the kind of thing that I missed about America. Even though Dorothy said she was from Kansas, she might as well said she was from Texas, because that is where I grew up in the USA.

9-15-2015 PS1
I've had several consoles throughout the years but one of my favorites was the PS1, because it was more like a VCR than a computer. I had many cool games, but I really enjoyed getting the PS Magazine demo discs. I frequently enjoyed a Mario Kart type racing game, Hot Shots golf, Spiderman, Tony Hawk, and Twisted Metal 2. The demo disc had games that were among the best at the time. Even though you could only play a very limited version of the game, it was still pretty awesome, especially for someone like me who rarely beat games anyway.

9-14-2015 Life Form From Outer Space Snacks
I was probably around 13 years old when I was visiting my grandparents in Hokkaido. I have many fond memories of getting a candy in Japan that came with a super cool toy. Anyway this one time I got a chocolate snack that came with a "life form" from outer space. It was just a small piece of slightly rubbery plastic that had an image enclosed inside of something that looked like your typical alien organism. I thought it was so cool, I went back and got another one that was a different shape. I thought maybe it would change color if I put it in the freezer but it didn't.

9-13-2015 Generations Armada Megatron
It's been a few months since I got Combiner Wars Armada Megatron. I have it displayed on my desk. Easily the best Transformer I've ever owned. Reminds me of the MP line, but with only a 15 step transformation. While okay in tank mode it's the color scheme, light piping eyes, minicon pegs, nice articulation, make this figure great. To me the bot mode looks better than the original! Very likable because it's not another Megatron, but one in combat armor if you will.

9-12-2015 Monster Squad
I haven't seen this film since the 90s so I was very excited to see it tonight on Netflix. It was really cool to see Dracula, Wolfman, Mummy, Creature, and Frankenstein's monster in one film in a Goonies type story. I really like the scene when the kid is up on the roof of his house watching a drive-in movie with some binoculars. After they blew up the Wolfman I like how he regenerated, showing his extra invulnerability. They pretty much showcase the monsters as what the general public perceived them to be at the time. I can't say it's a great film, but it has a nostalgic feel. I just might prefer this film over The Goonies!

9-11-2015 Henshin Cyborg
Recently on ebay I found a Henshin Cyborg Walder action figure. I really like the vintage look on this figure who is the evil invader from space. Most of his body is a transparent blue color, like a micro organism from science class. Got to like that demonic face on his torso, done like the historical depictions of Satan. His yellow eyes really stand out on his unique head sculpt which is a large exposed brained creature with large pointy bat ears. Remove his head to reveal a tiny Ultraman like head that actually doesn't look so evil. I didn't buy it, even though this amazing figure fires up my imagination.

9-10-2015 Microman Amazon
One day I got a gift from Japan, one of my dad's coworkers sent me Microman Amazon. The figure came with a translucent spear and head which I thought was some kind of candy at first. He also came with a creature companion, and a backpack shaped like a flower that were his blades. The blades had psychedelic designs and I think you were suppose to spin it behind him to see the designs through his translucent head for a weird effect.

9-9-2015 Microman Pharoid
When I was a kid, my dad wasn't around much because he had to fly around the world for work. He would bring me gifts and one of them was Microman Pharoid in blue. The toy and packaging looked so out there that I wasn't sure if it was a toy for kids. It came with an Egyptian looking sarcophagus, this was like Stargate a decade before the film came out. Even though I liked it, I didn't understand or relate to Microman because it was so rare and different here in the USA.

9-8-2015 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
I happily own the 2005 film, and I enjoyed the BBC mini series that combined the three books. I really like the quirky sense of humor mixed in with the science fiction. I remember reading the book in junior high and it was crazy! I think the author Douglas Adams is brilliant! Another British author I like is Terry Pratchett who writes humorous stories with a Lord of the Rings type flavor.

9-7-2015 Martial Running
I run for martial arts exercise. I run in a zigzag motion, I punch while running, and try to be creative. The main thing is the sprint which I hate because they are so hard, so I do that the most. When I turn up my speed I focus on pushing off the ground with my feet. At the 2nd spot I focus on using my thighs to keep up the speed. For the final spot I focus on arms and move them rapidly. As I sprint I practice strong mind, I'm in a battlefield slaying enemies in epic fashion!

9-6-2015 Running
I always preferred swimming over running mainly because of my asthma. In college I ran up and down bleachers for a conditioning class. I enjoyed it much better than running. About 7 years ago I lived by North Star Mall, and I would go running up and down the parking garage stairs and some short sprints going up the parking lot ramp. About 5 years ago I moved to an area with no good stairs so I began to run. I've become a runner ever since.